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A new format of work with applicants is – YouTube.
Literary Marathon «Shevchenko Forever» – YouTube, «Nikolaev Pravda», «NikLife», Strichka.com, «NikVesti», YouTube.
Dedication to the profession of philologist – «Newsvideo».
Dictation of national unity – «Nikolayevskiye Izvestia», «Nikolaev Pravda», YouTube, YouTube.
Open hearts students-philologists’ charitable action – «Newsvideo».
Musically-theatrical performance «Ukrainian Vechornytsi» – «Newsvideo».
Game VikKon to the International Native Language Day – «Newsvideo».
The philologists’ creative and scientific quest for the birthday of T.Shevchenko – YouTube.
Philological start for future applicants – YouTube.
Vanguard. A new format of Open Doors Day organized by the Department  of Ukrainian Language and Literature  – YouTube.
Oleksandr Oles and Ukraine (TV program «Wreath of Friendship» with the participation of Professor of the Department of Ukrainian Language and Literature O.S.Filatova)  – YouTube.
Countargument: discussion of decentralization issues (with the participation  of associate professor of the Department of Ukrainian Language and Literature I.A.Kornienko) – YouTube.
Students-philologists in the TV show «It’s up to you» – YouTube.
Poetic Polylog with the participation of 4th year student of philological faculty S.Kolomiits in the TV show «Discussion on the topic» – YouTube.
The Youth chooses V.O.Sukhomlynskyi Mykolayiv National University  – «Nikolayevskiye Izvestia».
On the eve of the Day of Ukrainian Writing, teachers and students of the Department of Applied Linguistics proved that language unites the hearts – «Nikolayevskiye Izvestia».
NTM- Famous historian gave a lecture for students of V.O.Sukhomlynskyi Mykolayiv National University  – YouTube.
«Applied linguistics» – for people who are not indifferent to the spoken word – «Details».
It’s up to you. The Department of Military Training is – YouTube.
Representatives of the  Language School and Social Sciences of Aston University, Muna Morris and Anya Bailey, visited the Faculty of Foreign Philology, within the framework of the Tempus project – YouTube.
II Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference at the Faculty of Philology – Video.
The language issue is in the focus of philologists’ attention – YouTube.
Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference «Theoretical and Practical Principles of elderly people socialization» – YouTube.
Head of the Ukrainian Language and Literature Department  V.O.Sukhomlynskyi Mykolayiv National University, Professor O.S.Filatova in the TV program «New Day» – YouTube.
UNIVERSITY EUROVISION – 2017! –  «Nikolayevskiye Izvestia».
«University Eurovision – 2017» – «NikLife».
With philologists in the future! – YouTube.
Literary licenses of young authors’ books – «Literary Nikolayev».