• Today the Mykolaiv V.О.Sukhomlynskyi National University  is a cell of student life.

    The University has on balance 3 dormitories that are intended for the nonresident persons, students-orphans and the persons deprived of parental  care on condition they have no other place of living in Mykolaiv within the period of their tuition in educational establishment, all of them are comfortably located

    Dormitory № 1 is located near the academic buildings of the University. Dormitories № 2 і № 3 ate situated in the center , 15 minutes distance from municipal transportation. Students  can live in rooms for two, three or four people. The dormitories of two types: in-line and block-building. Students have all necessary conditions for comfortable life. In every dormitory there is a cozy kitchen, sanitary-hygienic room, self-study room, rest rooms, sports room, baggage room and assembly hall. The student government actively functions in the dormitories and organizes cultural life, lots of educational, entertainment, and sports events.  To organize a procedure of students settlement and eviction, allocation of places, standing committee was formed and affirmed by the Chancellor of the University, it consists of the dormitory student government  ,the  University student government, initial student Union, department of paid services representatives and wardens of the dormitory. The Chancellor’s designated representative heads the committee.


    The head of the standing committee Andrushkevich Yulia Mikhailivna

  • Address: Mikolayiv, Nikolskaya str.,22 A

    tel. 37-89-37

    warden: Budnikova Nadia Dmytrivna

    This is five-storied in-line type dormitory. There are sanitary-hygienic rooms and kitchens on every floor, a shower rooms are on the first and second floor, students can also use washing machine. Rooms are for two, three or four people.

    On the first floor assembly hall, baggage room, sports room are located, on the third  floor there is a self-study and rest room, in the yard there is a valley-ball ground.
















  • Address: Mikolayiv, 3-d Slobodskaya str.,19

    tel. 24-02-12

    warden: Donets Liliya Petrivna

    Nine-storied block-building dormitory. There are 4 blocks on each floor, each block has 8 rooms(4 double and 4 triple rooms) , sanitary-hygienic rooms  and kitchen. On the ground floor there are two shower-rooms , and self-mini-laundry. On the first floor : assembly hall , dance hall, buffet opening is being planned. In 2015 the rooms of common usage were completely repaired, a new floor tile was laid , new bathroom fitments was installed.

  • Address: Mikolayiv, Potemkinska str.,131 A

    Tel. 24-50-84

    warden: Tekalo Valentina Serhiivna

    Nine-storied block-building dormitory. There are 4 blocks on each floor, each block has 8 rooms, sanitary-hygienic rooms  and kitchen. On the ground floor there is a shower room,on the first – assembly hall and  dance hall. Students can attend to the Gym.