The past and the present of the university


Nikolaev National University named after V. О. Sukhomlinsky is a higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation. It was founded in 1913 as a teacher’s institute; the further path passed from the pedagogical institute to the university, to  which in 2010 was given a high national status.

Budak Valery Dmitrievich, the  University Chancellor  – professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Full Member (academician) of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The university has one institute, eight faculties and a college. Educational process is carried out by 34 departments.

The University carries out training of junior specialists, bachelors, masters, scientific brainpower and , as well as academic and teaching staff

On the basis of the educational and scientific institute of history, political science and law of the Nikolaev National University named after V.O Sukhomlinsky, a standing archaeological expedition of the ancient settlement “Wild Garden” research was established, which was declared  as unique for the period of the final bronze on the territory of Ukraine. Students under the leadership of leading archaeologists of Ukraine conduct research on the ancient monuments in Olvia, Berezan and etc.

On the basis of the university the Center of underwater research, category II of Ukraine cultural and historical heritage under the auspices of UNESCO is open.

Postgraduate and doctoral studies work in the University; specialized academic councils function: C 38.134.01 Academic Council for the thesis defense specialization 07.00.01-History of Ukraine,  C  38.134.02 – specialization  13.00.01-general pedagogics and history of pedagogics, 13.00.02- theory and methodology of education.(Ukrainian literature)

Annually the list of educational institutions and scientific institutions with which the university cooperates within the concluded agreements (more than 60) increases. Since September, 2008 the university became the member of the Great charter of the universities (Magna Charta), in January, 2009 has joined the European Association of science and education. The number of tutors’ publications  grows in the editions entering to Scopus scientometric base according to which there are 197 works in the University. Number of citings of the tutors on indicators of scientometric base Scopus (for ROC of the master) – 1056. The total Girsh Index – 16.

Increase of qualitative level of scientific research is provided with participation of scientists of the university in programs of the European Union, first of all Erasmus + and the Horizon-2020. Together with partners from France, Germany, Great Britain, Uzbekistan work on the Tempus project on improvement of training in English in on-line mode is continued. Experts of the Astonsky university (Great Britain) have carried out monitoring of implementation of this project by our teachers and positive conclusions about his course and results are made.

The Nikolaev national university of V.A. Sukhomlinsky during 2016-2017 educational worked on introduction of projects:

1) 544161-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPCR Aston University ِDeveloping the Teaching of European Languages: Modernising Language Teaching through the Development of Blended Masters Programmes («Improvement of the European languages teaching on the basis of introduction of online technologies in teacher’s training »);

2) Erasmus + Internship and mobility of professors and students (Aston University);

3) Erasmus + 8574064 – EPP-1-2016-1LT-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP (Structuring of cooperation on post-graduate studies, teaching universal skills, academic writing at the regional level of Ukraine» (DocHub)).


A partnership agreement on the development of doctoral programs and the improvement of academic writing has also been signed, next – an affiliate agreement with scientists from France, Ireland, Finland, Lithuania on the implementation of this project. Thus, there is an opportunity to deduce the educational programs of doctoral studies of philosophy at our university for the European level of quality and responsibility.

Two students of the University’s Masters within Erasmus + project studied at the University of Aston during the first semester of 2017 (from January to May) (Birmingham, UK), and other two – were staying there for a two-week internship. During the first half of 2017, 16 university tutors trained abroad in higher education institutions in Europe

Eight teachers received individual grants for conducting research on the Holodomor in Ukraine, the activities of German and Jewish communities in our region, archaeological research, and etc. We see in this the request of the world community on the results of our research work, a certain capitalization of the academic staff of the university, the possibility of introducing a scientific product in the world.

Узгоджено Меморандум про академічний обмін із китайським Жейджянським кораблебудівним коледжем, студенти якого вивчатимуть у нас філологію, зокрема іноземні мови. A Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Jewish College of Shipbuilding, whose students study philology, including foreign languages was agreed.

The collection of scientific works “Scientific Bulletin of the Nikolayev National University named after V.O. Sukhomlynsky” on pedagogical, historical, philological (literary studies), economic, psychological, and biological sciences, as well as the scientific journal “Geometrical modeling and information technologies” is published at the university.

The university has a department of practice and employment; work is being done to expand the practice bases, conclude agreements on their implementation and further employment of graduates. The share of practice in the educational process is growing.

The university’s admissions committee is functioning, an operational headquarters is set up on the issues of the admission campaign, all measures are taken to ensure timely access of the entrants and the public with the necessary information. A technological card for conducting an introductory campaign has been developed and is in operation.

The material and technical base of the educational institution consists of 13 educational buildings, including two laboratory buildings, three dormitories (educational area 36458,8 square meters); 195 auditoriums and laboratories, 19 computer laboratories, 8 sports halls (gaming and specialized), equipped with modern equipment and exercise equipment, sports grounds, military training ground, shooting gallery. There is a sports and recreational camp “Moryana”, located on the Black Sea coast (70 seats). 3 educational buildings located in Pervomaysk are rented to the military unit.

The training of specialists at the university is carried out on the basis of 10 educational and 3 research laboratories: the ecological research laboratory, the scientific-research physiological-biochemical laboratory, the research laboratory of morphological research. The material and technical base of the university corresponds to the licensing conditions. In addition to its own sports facilities, the university leases an educational tactical field, shooting range, a parachute-landing complex, a sports camp for the educational process of the military training department.

In educational buildings there are: two buffets for 102 seats , a reading room for 272 seats;, which provide hot food for students and university staff; modern assembly hall with an area of ​​304.5 square meters, and the assembly halls in the university dormitories with an area of ​​389.5 square meters.

The library of the University has 479716 copies, consists of four subscriptions: academic literature, scientific literature, subscription to the Institute of History, political science and law, subscription to the Faculty of Biology, three reading rooms: the main, the Institute of History, Political Science and Law, the Biological Faculty; college student services and library  departments. To the  the students services  – three dormitories for 1640 seats.